Ready to Snap?

Snapping your feet is simple. When you buy from an online retailer that offers FootSnap, you’ll simply see the FootSnap button on each product page – letting you find your ideal size automatically.

And right now, we're looking for test users who would like to try out the Snap - help us shape the future of footwear retail! Just give us your details and we'll let you know every time there's a new technology to try.

test the snap

How to Snap

All you need is your phone and a sheet of A4 white paper – we’ll do the rest. We’ll guide you through Snapping your feet, then create a detailed 3D scan that holds the secret to your perfect fit.

And the best bit: we’ll keep your Snap on file. So just Snap once to get a perfect fit, forever!
Want to see how it works?
how to snap
Why use FootSnap?
Snap once for a perfect fit: first time, every time
Buy once and keep – no need to buy and return multiple pairs to make sure they fit
Enjoy shoes with a custom-fitted feeling
Reduce the resources and carbon wasted delivering and returning ill-fitting shoes
why footsnap?
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