About FootSnap

We’re on a mission to change the way you buy shoes online, forever while also helping the environment.

About the founders

FootSnap was founded by Benjamin Shade and Vincent W. Piselé.

Previous attempts to create a remote foot scanning solution have failed, but the experience and vision Benjamin and Vincent bring to FootSnap has finally allowed this to become a reality.

Benjamin is a creative visionary who’s worked with iconic brands from the footwear industry, while Vincent has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience in this market.

Benjamin and Vincent's mission is to revolutionise the online shoe sales industry, reducing its environmental impact while giving customers the confidence to buy without fear.

Vincent Piselé & Benjamin Shade
Everyone deserves a custom-fitted feeling for every shoe they buy online - while we care about people's and the planet's health. That's why we make shoe shopping hassle-, return- and pollution-free.
We combine our shoe industry expertise with ground-breaking scientifically proven technological innovations – all to deliver millimeter-precise foot measurements that boosts online sales, streamlines manufacturing processes, improves design data and promoting sustainability in the fashion industry.
Our work is guided by our beliefs and commitments to diversity, sustainability and health as well as innovativeness and disruptiveness.
Dominik Risch
Jean-Marc Hensch
Franz Josef Repp
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