FootSnap ORTHO

FootSnap ORTHO can help you reduce fulfilment time for orthopaedic footwear by providing measurements more quickly and easily – and with more precision. FootSnap’s innovative tech can help manufacturers save thousands of working hours every year.

Get precision measurements remotely

FootSnap ORTHO allows you to create precision 3D anatomical scans remotely. Our unique technology offers a level of detail that has great potential for both orthopaedics and custom or over-the-counter orthotics.

We make bulky 3D scanners a thing of the past. Now your customers scan their own feet in the comfort of their home – you’ll simply receive unprecedentedly accurate foot measurements that allow you to tailor your products to their needs.

Benefits for orthopaedic manufacturers

Streamline your processes by eliminating manual, in-person measurements

Reduce the margin of error inherent in traditional orange moulds

The most advanced foot scanning tech will give you a real competitive advantage

Unprecedentedly accurate 3D scans delivered directly from our app

“The precision of our patients’ feet measurements has increased greatly with FootSnap.”
Amir R.
“We are extremely satisfied with the results of the scans. Well done FootSnap!”
Sabine M.
“FootSnap’s scanner is so easy to use – our team didn't even need training!”
Dr. Gillian E.
“Getting accurate measurements of our patients’ feet is faster than ever.”
Dr. Gabriella W.
“A very quick and very precise scanner – it’s perfect for orthopaedic designs.”
Theo M.
“Since working with FootSnap, we’ve saved so much time on measurements. Very efficient”
Dr. Jonas L.
Ready for the future of online footwear retail?
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