The perfect fit -
first time, every time
how it works
How footsnap helps
Enjoy shoes with a custom-fitted feeling
Buying shoes online has been hit and miss – until now. When you can’t try shoes on, it’s hard to know what size you need.

FootSnap can change this – our unique app scans your feet once and saves it to ensure the perfect size every time.
How footsnap helps
Save yourself the hassle of multiple orders and returns
"51% of shoppers consciously overbuy online”
Good Housekeeping

Sometimes it seems like you're a different size in every brand. So you can end up buying more than one size for safety – or missing out. But FootSnap puts an end to size anxiety.
How footsnap helps
Save the planet
“Only about 50% of returned product ends up back up on the shelf” Footwear News

When you buy ‘safety’ sizes, the extra pairs have to be returned, contributing to a massive toll on the environment. But FootSnap puts an end to extra pairs by ensuring the perfect fit every time..
The perfect fit:
first time, every time
how it works
How it works
test the snap
1. Pick the shoes you love

Once you’ve found the perfect pair, check for our logo – if the retailer offers FootSnap, you’ll find our button on the purchase page. Click to open the QR code that takes you to our app.

2. Snap your feet

Use your own phone to create an anatomically exact 3D scan of your feet. The app will guide you, step by step – and let you save and re-use your scan for future purchases.

3. Order the perfect fit

You’ll find your perfect size automatically selected on the purchase page – just place your order and wait for your shoes to arrive.

4. That’s it

Yes, really – it’s as simple as that. No need to order extra pairs or send unwanted shoes back. And the next time you buy, your Snap will be ready and waiting for you to use again.

Who needs the Snap?
Brands and retailers
Brands and retailers who partner with FootSnap can integrate the Snap seamlessly into their online purchase journey – customers will soon take Snapping for granted, making purchases quick and simple while reducing wasteful returns.
Orthopaedic suppliers
FootSnap ORTHO offers unprecedentedly precise measurements and 3D models without bulky scanners. FootSnap’s technology is ideal for both custom and over-the-counter orthotics.
CAD / Last creators
FootSnap’s unique scanning technology takes the guesswork out of determining the fit, performance, ergonomics, style and shape of shoes.
About us
At FootSnap, we are passionate about footwear and are driven by our extensive experience in the industry. Our mission is to change online and offline shoe shopping, and transform footwear production, reducing its environmental impact while making it easy to get the perfect fit – first time, every time.
more on our mission
“Thanks for making online shoe shopping so much easier! I'll be ordering again.”
LIlian B.
“FootSnap has the best solution for online shoe shopping around!”
Jacob R.
“Thanks to FootSnap the size and the fitting of the shoes I buy online are perfect!”
Riley W.
“Very fashion forward! Well done FootSnap!”
Penelope T
"Very easy to use. Your app has saved me so much time shoe shopping"
Robinson M.
“FootSnap makes my life a lot easier. It’s about time an app like this came along!"
Ange A.
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